Our Objectives

  • To have communities in which their people have access to civic education and affordable justice;

  • To promote gender parity;

  • Promote constitutional rights of marginalized groups in Kenya in a way supporting a sustainable future and a positively developed society;

  • Enhance networking collaboration with organizations and institutions with similar objectives both locally and internationally;

  • To promote good governance and democratic leadership at grass root levels;

  • To promote global educational exchange;

  • To assist in conflict resolution at community level; and,

  • To form branches when need be.



To be a world class community paralegal service organization with a community friendly and people’s participatory work force.




"KAPLET’s mission is to provide quality and effective community paralegal services to meet the priorities of our communities; by creating and maintaining community participation in promotion of health and protection of human rights."



To have a community in which its low or no income people have skills and knowledge of human rights, laws and legal procedures.

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